Genotrack: A comprehensive, cross-platform database solution for animal tracking, breeding, research, management and reporting.

Designed in close consultation with animal facilities and research institutions, Genotrack utilises the latest technologies to provide a customisable, flexible solution for your animal management and reporting requirements.

Genotrack handles breeding and colony management, genotype and phenotype tracking through experimentation and analysis to reporting and compliance. Our generic, scalable approach means we can cater for animals of various sizes and species, to help you implement a standarised approach to Strain, Colony, Mating, Litter and Animal management. Integrated barcode support improves the speed and accuracy of your data recording and workflows, while our new researcher module puts your scientists in control of their animals.

We help you keep track of the details so you can focus on your animals.


Genotrack Strain Screenshot


G2 Coming soon...

The next generation release of Genotrack will include some of the most requested features from our users:

More features are being added all the time - if there's a feature you'd like to see included in the product, please contact us.